See ya at the finish line!

The Rockville 10K is almost here!

I’m prepping tonight by sitting on my butt and eating my fav pumpkin protein bars with a pumpkin candle burning alongside trashy TV.

And making my race playlist, of course.

It’s going to be chillier than I thought tomorrow morning.

I’m going to wear long spandex and a dry fit tee under a thin running jacket – but I think I’ll bring a puffy vest and gloves to wear until the start!

I’m feeling:

  • A little nervous about all of the race logistics. As a super type A-er, I’m kind of anxious about figuring out parking and making sure I get to use the porta-potty exactly 12 times prior to the race. But I need to chill out – it will be fine…
  • Lucky that I get to race tomorrow, unlike the NYC marathoners. Read about the controversial decision to cancel the NYC marathon here.

See ya at the finish line!

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