WIAW: Food Rut Edition

Since I skipped What I Ate Wednesday last week, I wanted to show you a beautiful and innovative recipe this week.

You know, the kind that healthy living bloggers post with the perfectly shaped homemade bean patties and ripe strawberries on the side glistening in the afternoon sunlight on a checkered tablecloth.

But of course, I forgot to research any new recipes during the week, and my weekend debauchery resulted in spending my Sunday afternoon trying not to throw up.

When I arrived home after a Monday night Whole Foods run, I unloaded the same food I had last week. And the week before. And the week before that.

It was then that I knew the sad and painful truth:

I’m in a food rut.

My worst fear (well not the worst, but a pretty big one) has come true. I’m actually Chicken Nugget Girl again – only eating certain foods, not especially wanting to try anything new, getting the same thing over and over again at the same restaurant. The only difference now is that I’m just healthy Chicken Nugget Girl.

Part of the reason I was so excited when I first started eating clean was that I was finally discovering food in an unabridged way. I learned a myriad of information about the nutrients and deliciousness that food exudes. I was all about trying new foods and figuring out how to make them.

Now that I found healthy foods I like I’m sticking with them again. I’m going back to the food safety blanket of repetition. For example, looking back at the photos I took of food this week, I thought I could post my Mexican Friday meal:

Yum. But…. are you sensing some deja vu, too?

Omg, tomatoes. Omg, corn. Omg, avocado.

I thought about tricking you and posting some old recipe and raving about how I ate it this week. But I decided to be honest. I haven’t made anything of variety lately. And I’m not going to pretend I prepare and inhale awesome new recipes all day every day.

This week prompted me to reevaluate my healthy living goals in regards to food. I found out what to eat and how to eat it to lose weight, but I actually found a whole new self confidence by surprising myself and opening my mind (and my mouth) to new things. I was proud of myself.

Eating the same thing every day is boring. I want to buy different items at the grocery store every week and bring different things to lunch.

One day I want to not have to worry about if there is something I will like to eat at a family’s dinner party or at the exotic restaurant I’m out to dinner at with friends.

As much as food is about nutrients for me, I need to re-find my new found passion about it too.

Next week’s goal: make something new, fun, and exciting to eat.

Do you ever find yourself in a food rut?