Durham in Pictures

This past weekend Tuna and I took a little trip down to Durham, NC to visit my mom!

On Saturday morning, my mom had a healthy breakfast bar for us to wake up to. My concoction was full of strawberry yogurt, granola, chia seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, almond slivers, and blueberries. Yum!


Oh yeah, and mimosas. 🙂

We all went on a morning walk in the Duke Forest. The pine trees are sooooo tall.


2014-03-01 13.43.36

After lunch, we toured around the Durham Bulls stadium as it was gettin’ all fixed up for spring. They’re currently adding a new scoreboard to the field.


The sports day continued with a look inside the famous Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke. Even though our UVA pride was kicking in, it was cool to observe where a lot of bball history has happened.



Apparently there is a tradition called K-ville where students camp out in tents all winter in an attempt to score Duke/UNC rivalry game tickets. That’s just cray, IMO.


The Duke campus is gorgeous and it turned out to be a great day to walk around outside. I wish D.C. would take the hint.





The Duke Chapel –


I spy a wedding….




If you can’t tell, I had fun pretending I was a photographer on our mini vacation. We certainly had to walk off all of the delish food we ate while we were there. And it was definitely nice to get out of town/have a change of scenery! Perhaps we can all take a page from the South’s slower paced lifestyle. I liked having the reminder to stop and take a look around.

Tell me:

What was the last trip you took?

Have you ever been to Duke/Durham?

What camera do you use to take pictures? I use my iPhone

I’m Not Complaining!

This past weekend was spent catching up with old friends and staring at pretty colored trees.

Friday night I headed down to Fredericksburg to visit my college roomie and go to the UVA football game in Charlottesville on Saturday. Luckily, I was scarred from my ineptitude to take blog photos a few weeks ago, so I overcompensated by taking pictures of everything. Saturday morning started off early – with pretty much the only thing that would get me out of bed on the weekend before 9:00AM: mimosas.

We lucked out with a perfect fall day!

Ahhhh, I forgot how much I love the smell of Virginia boxwood.

It was great to drink beer get some fresh air in the gardens.

We wandered to the game at the end of the second quarter (whoops) and made it just in time for a touchdown! Let’s be honest, all I care about anyways is getting to sing The Good Old Song and watch a massive amount of people sway at the same time.

We stayed at the game for approximately the same amount of time that we did in college – 20 minutes. It gets like, hot and stuff.

On Sunday, I got to see another friend of mine. I’ve known B since I was 6 years old! We got – what else – self serve fro yo. We’re so trendy.

B got angel food cake with strawberries.

I got dark chocolate, pumpkin, and chocolate sprinkles! This was probably the only time I’ve ever gotten chocolate sprinkles – I’m usually a rainbow girl all the way.

As the weekend wound down, Tuna surprised me with, “fall themed flowers.”

I’m starting to think Tuna is just buying me flowers so that I post them on here…

But I’m not complaining!

Are the trees changing colors where you live?

Very important question: chocolate sprinkles or rainbow sprinkles?

What I Really Looked Like

It was raining on Sunday, so we couldn’t veg out by the pool in the sun like we had planned on.

Luckily, we improvised and headed to the rec center instead to play some racquetball!

What I really looked like….


Apparently I am terrible at any sport involving a racquet. At least I got a little cross training in though.

We did end up going to the pool, but not for sun – for laps! I grew up doing summer swim team at my neighborhood pool and I was a lifeguard for years. I’m no Missy Franklin, but I do like swimming laps for exercise. I have been missing my gorgeous university pool lately, so I was super pumped to get to swim a little.

I did laps for about twenty minutes. I was definitely rusty, but it did feel really good on my joints.

After the pool we had BLTS with chicken breast on whole wheat bread. (And a few BBQ chips. I was on vacation, OK?)

The vacation eating continued with a splurge meal at my fav restaurant: Outback Steakhouse! 

Outback has been my favorite restaurant for years. I was even a waitress there one summer in college.

I get the same thing every time. 🙂 Victoria’s center cut filet mignon, a house salad with ranch dressing, and the garlic mashed potatoes. And of course we couldn’t resist getting the bloomin’ onion for our appetizer! This dinner was most certainly not “clean,” but it was so worth the cheat meal.

I later regretted stuffing every little bit of the delish food down because my stomach was waaay too full by the end of dinner – so full I looked preggers! (Alright, I was puffing it out a bit on purpose.)

Vacation’s over – time to get focused on the last week of Tough Mudder training. I’m starting to freak out a bit.

Is there a sport you are absolutely terrible at? I’m pretty bad at tennis but I think I am even worse at soccer!

Have you ever been a server at a restaurant? If so, which one?

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We went to the Nationals baseball game yesterday with Tuna’s brother, sister and  their significant others. It was my first Nats game this season!

Before we metroed over, I shoveled my face with healthy food in an attempt to convince my  stomach (and brain) that I didn’t need a bucket of nachos and seventeen beers at the game. I wanted to stay healthyish AND not spend $100 on game food.

We had spinach salad with quinoa, shredded carrots, cheddar cheese, and Italian dressing topped off with some tomato and basil hummus. It did the trick!

Our seats were sweet – they were right in the front row of our section, so we didn’t have to deal with any people in front of us.

I ended up getting one all beef hot dog with ketchup and a diet coke around the fifth inning. I was so excited to chow down that I forgot to take a picture for you! But it seriously hit the spot. There’s nothing like a hot dog at a ball game!

Look who it is! Tuna promised that he would let me post a real picture of him on CNG when I reach 300 twitter followers. Right now I only have 160 – so you must follow me! 🙂

The Nats ended up losing 10-9, but it was still  a fun game. When we got home, we booked it to the car for a late night road trip to West Virginia! Stay tuned for some embarrassing pictures from WVA!

Hope you’re having a relaxing labor day weekend.

What’s your favorite sporting event to attend? I like baseball – but I like going to hockey games too!

Do you have a must eat item at baseball games? Mine is definitely a hot dog. Mmmmm…..

Spoiler Alert

Ok, so can you please shut your mouth about anything Olympic related until after the event actually airs?

Guys, he got second. (Original via)

Side note: Michael Phelps’ mom looks exactly like my crazy next door neighbor who puts stuffed animals out on her balcony.

No joke.


Is it just me, or are the Olympics especially spoilerific this year?

Maybe I didn’t care as much about the Olympics when I was younger, so I maybe don’t remember them being that spoilertastic. Nah, I always liked the Olympics – so that can’t be it.

After thoughtful consideration of this issue, my genius theory is that the electronic globalization  of the world is spewing out information into our brains at an unprecedented rate.

As soon as the U.S. women’s gymnastics team won gold, photos of the medal ceremony were splattered all over Pinterest and #fabfive was trending on Twitter.

Same thing for Phelp’s three-peat win.

I should have known better than to pick the middle treadmill along the balcony at the gym yesterday. It had the best view of the 4 giant TVs along the main wall. I tried to avert my eyes as much as I could, but of course immediately after the competition in London ended for women’s gymnastics all around, NBC thought it would be a frickin’ fantastic idea to display Gabby Douglas’ smiling face blown up on the screen for the entirety of the news program. Thanks bunches.

So cute. But. Whyyyyyyy (source)

No, really: DAMN YOU.

Can’t a girl wait until Primetime?

Have any Olympic events been spoiled for you?

Do you enjoy watching the events even if they’ve been spoiled? I still do, but I’m pissy about it the whole time.