1 Minute Repeats Circuit Workout

Can you tell I’m having fun making circuit workouts?

I don’t know what the best part is:

– Working out in a sports bra as a top and not caring
Not driving to the gym
– Being entertained by trashy reality TV during a workout

I like all of those things.

Last week I went to a group class at Crunch with my friend Mal and it was lots of fun to learn some new toning moves. Too bad I have yet to buy a kettlebell or dumbells, since a lot of the exercises that the instructor showed us in the class used them. But for now, I don’t mind improvising without equipment!

I worked good sweat from this circuit – and let myself rest for a few minutes in between each set.

1 Minute Repeat Circuit Workoutmain1

What are jump ups? I made them up. I see people at the gym doing crossfit workouts jumping up on stool-things, so my plastic stool from my bunk bed dorm room days got its own workout.

To do this move, jump up on a stool – or anything, really! Then jump back down. I do about thirty reps in one minute.

stepupsI’m pretty sure my booty will be sore tomorrow! 😉

Doable Circuit Workout

I did a new circuit workout last week for cross-training and it was much more doable than the very intense circuit workout I posted before. I.e., It gives you a good sweat sesh but there is no fear of death by hyperventilation.

Here’s the circuit workout, based on THIS one!

doable circuit workoutThe workout is perfect to do while watching trashy tvin your living room, since no equipment is necessary.

I did this with the 8 minute abs video I told you about, and checked off my workout for the day.

Done and done.

Quick HIIT Workout

I tried to get in and out of the gym as fast as possible last night so I could be at Tuna’s in time to watch the Caps game.

That meant I didn’t have time to run a bunch of miles and still watch the puck drop, but I figured some HIIT would give me a good slash quick workout.

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a form of cardio with cycles of high intensity bursts and then low to moderate intensity recovery, i.e. a speed workout (source).

Check out THIS article from Shape to see some of HIIT’s benefits.

Here is the workout I created and did on the treadmill last night. It’s a sweaty one!


This reminded me of my track workout days in high school.

Hopefully the occasional HIIT workout will make me speedier!

What do you think of HIIT workouts? Have they made you faster?

No Equipment Required: Circuit Workout

I basically hid from the pollen in the safety of my apartment all weekend.

Surprisingly, Benadryl does not really give you enough energy to drive to the gym. It did, however, allow me to deliriously half-ass my way through this sweaty workout.

I found this circuit workout on the blog Peanut Butter Fingers and adapted it to my fitness level.

Do the circuit 3 times through with a few minutes of rest in between. It takes about 20 -25 minutes to complete the entire workout.


If you need some explanation  – click on the below moves for instructional videos:


Squat Jumps


Mountain Climbers

I love that this can be done in the living room with the TV on. Quite nice to actually get a legit workout in from home.

Plus, I am super sore today from it. It must mean it worked!

Incline Treadmill Workout

I can’t believe our Miami/Brazil trip is almost here!

No, I haven’t been looking at the weather in Miami and Rio all day every day…

I just might be able get on board with those temps.

Another positive aspect of the trip – I’ve been in the mood to work out a lot, since I need to take down my box of summer clothes from the top of the closet pronto. I’ve got a good routine going for the first time since Tough Mudder.

I tried a new workout on Thursday night after my friend Mal told me about it. Mal ran her first marathon this weekend and killed it with a Boston Qualifier!

Mal’s friend showed her this workout – and he’s a former DC United Player, so he must know what he’s talking about!

I really liked this workout for a once a week cross-training day. It’s the perfect combo of hard work and recovery with enough variation not get too bored on the treadmill. Just please don’t tell anyone that I clipped the emergency treadmill stopper to my shirt. I had visions of myself suddenly stumbling down my self-made mountain.

Have you tried any new workouts lately?

5-Minute Ab Blast

Last run before the Rockville 10K complete!

I did a teensy two miler on the treadmill last night at Crunch. Everything feels just fine, and after my five and a half mile run outside last Friday, I feel pretty confident about the race. Confident = I can finish, not that I will be speedy. I’m going to run nice and slow and have fun.

(source) Please don’t judge me for watching this crap. I only had so many trashy shows to entertain myself with during the hurricane.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the speedy adrenaline of races (like I know, I’ve run one slash kind-of two races) and get caught in the rush of pounding Nikes.

As long as I run just for me on Sunday, I think everything will be OK.

After my last run yesterday, I ended my workout with some lengthy [hurts so good] foam rolling. While I was daydreaming foam rolling, I realized Tuna and I leave for Brazil in three weeks!

Sick, bro.

So about those abs I was going to get before the trip? Cue scrambling onto the mat and frantically doing crunches.

I’m going to try to do this lil’ ab workout twice a week. Hey, at least it’s a start.

What are…Crunches?

I’m definitely getting my hair cut like this.

What are…Mid Raise Crunches?

What are…Leg Up Crunches?

What are…Toe Touch Crunches?

I could not decide what to have for dinner last night after the gym. I kind of wanted everything. And everything, I did have.

Carrots, spicy hummus, wheat thins, cheddar cheese, and not quite guacamole avocado mash. With a glass of red wine on the side. 😉

TGIFF. Is it me, or did we smush five days of work into three? This calls for some couch surfing.

Are you running a race this weekend?