Getting Location

I realized yesterday that the Shamrock Half Marathon is in less than two months!

That is kind of terrifying.

I did feel more like a real runner this past weekend though because I finally got to use my brand-new Garmin Forerunner 10 that my dad got for me for Christmas!

garmin1It is pretty cool that I will be able to show you sweet charts and stats from my runs now – though I may not want to because they are¬†embarrassingly slow. But I did read in Runner’s World that the first few years of distance running are about building your mileage, not freaking out about your time.

Of course I messed up the stats from my first Garmin run. I accidentally pressed “save run” in the middle of it, so the run was split into two separate stats!

The lap button also seems to hate me because it said I did 13 laps and I only ran 6 miles. Whoops. I’ll have to figure that out this weekend

It is interesting that I am not at all concerned with my times with the Garmin, but waaay more concerned about my pace (and distance, of course).

The other very exciting part of my run on Sunday was the new trail I ran on! I finally ventured over to the very flat, very awesome trail leading into D.C. near Tuna’s house.

It had such cool scenery – like this ancient brick tunnel.


I’m definitely going to start running on this trail more often. Can spring please come asap so it won’t get dark at 5pm and we can all run on the trails outside all night long?

I refueled this weekend with Tuna’s cheesy chicken. He had the genius idea to shove a bunch of cheddar cheese inside of it.

cheesechickenI may start shoving cheddar cheese inside all of my food.

Do you use a Garmin?

Are there any good trails to run on near you?

Tell me all the things.

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