Friday’s Five

1. Pinkeye.

The juice cleanse really youth-ified me, right back to about third grade. Since third graders are usually the people that get pinkeye.

pinkeye12. Scouring the New York Times Best Sellers list.

It kind of reminds me of summer book lists at school, which I always loved. Pumped that I have lots of Nook Book $$$ to burn.

best sellers3. Skipping the gym.

In the beginning of the week I didn’t exercise because of the juice cleanse, but for the past few days I’ve still been sittin’ on my butt. Kind of nice but hopefully I’ll get some yoga in later today and feel a little more productive.

PAM14. So much fun.

Doing this again.

5. Taking a vacation.

Tuna and I heading down to the beach for a week with some of my fam. So. excited.

2012-11-19 13.44.01

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