PRR Training Week 11: Race Goals

Week 11 of a training cycle is the calm before the storm. The last stretch before the race.

Because I needed that extra boost of confidence last week, I was determined to do all of my runs: no skipping allowed. (I have kind of had a little problem of skipping my runs during this cycle.)

Saturday’s long run made me think a lot about what my goals are next weekend at the PRR Half Marathon.


12 miles is almost as long as the distance we’ll run next week: 13.1.

I know it’s going to be painful, and I know will be a lot of hard work, but unlike my first half marathon last Spring – I think I can do it. On the longest of the long runs I only took 2 quick pit stops at the same out and back water fountain to refill my handheld and was totes fine just putzin’ down the trail for 2+ hours. 


During the run I thought about what my goals for the race are. Last time my big thing was to not walk and I didn’t have a time to base anything off of.

I still run embarrassingly slow, so I don’t have a ridiculous time I’m trying to hit to a real race time I NEED to get or die. I’m just going to be running along, trying not to be last.


But I also would like to take pride that I <hopefully> gotten a teensy bit faster hoofing my booty down trails I wouldn’t have been walking on a year ago.


Half marathon time to beat: 2:36:32, 11:57 min mile

Goal race pace: 2:29:59, 11:26 min mile

Week #11 Recap

Monday: cross 🙂

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: rest

Saturday: 12 mile run

Sunday: rest


What is your next goal race pace?

Are you running a race soon?

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