PRR Training Week 12: Taper and Race Playlist

Taper week is my favorite…most likely because the longest run on the schedule was 3 miles. 🙂

It was the last week before the PRR Half Marathon! That meant I was nervous but couldn’t use running to get the nerves out. I’m okay with that though – I had a little extra time to plop on the floor and do important things like foam roll while watching trashy reality TV.

Thank goodness my apartment gym has a treadmill that works and all I had to do to get in the handful of miles is to go downstairs and hop on the treadmill. This is quite convenient with daylight saving time making it dark out super early.

The 2 mile run on Wednesday evening was at race pace (11:26) and gave me a chance to listen to some music on my iPod shuffle and contemplate what to put on my playlist for the race.

Here’s what I’m going to be running to on tomorrow morning!




Week #12 Recap

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 2 mile run, race pace

Thursday: 2 mile run

Friday: rest

Saturday: stretch and foam roll

Sunday: 13.1!!!




What is on your current playlist?

Is anyone running a race this weekend too? What are you running?

Tell me all the things.

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