First Run Back

Welp, I have #failed at winter running thus far.

For those of you that have been running in the freezing temps, I am sups impressed. I cannot seem to get out from underneath my warm-ass fuzzy blanket and I’m thinking that is probably not the best for my body/mind. I feel guilty for not working out since I really haven’t gotten back into a routine after the PRR Half Marathon in November.

After waiting so long to start running again, I started to develop this anxiety about breaking the no-running streak. Would I be really slow? Could I still even l run? What if it sucked? How embarrassing.

I had procrastinated for so long that the first run back was becoming something terrifying. I would swear to myself that I’d go for  run on the weekend so it would be more enjoyable outside, etc. But then Sunday would roll around and I’d think….actually, I’m just gonna scrap that run.

Luckily Tuna encouraged me to just buck up and get it over with – he even offered to do the miles with me!

Our hilly run around the neighborhood was cold at first, but by the time we were finished I breathed a warm sigh of relief.

I could still run! And it wasn’t a horrible scarring ordeal full of self-loathing! Of course I felt better than I had in weeks.


January is a shitty month. I say screw January’s resolutions we all get a do-over and start all of our goals in February.

Cheers to Feb2014!

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