How to sit at your desk

This had made all the difference for me lately, so I wanted to share with you! Our bodies aren’t built for sittin’ on our behinds all day, but a correct desk setup and good posture can help with some of the negative effects that constantly working at a computer can have on our bodies.


A few weeks ago I slowly started feeling an ache down the right side of my back.

It felt like a strained or pulled muscle.

When I would wake up in the morning it was fine, but then throughout the day the pain would set in…and seemed to be just getting worse and worse! One night when Tuna was out and about he came home to find me lying on the floor (typical) because it hurt to sit, stand, etc (not typical). Something was definitely wrong. But what the heck was causing it?

I was still in winter/hibernation-against-exercise mode, so I didn’t do anything working-out wise to throw out my back.

The next day at work, I figured it out.

The onset of the pain correlated with the amount of time spent hunching at my desk all day at work (and at night, when fiddling around on the blog). Every minuscule movement of the mouse confirmed it.

A little bit of research told me I was sitting with my desk way too high (so that I would reach up to type) and basically doing ALL THE WRONG THINGS. i.e. sitting on my feet, crossing my legs, putting the chair up too high, having the mouse extremely far out from the side of the keyboard, etc.

THIS is a great article about posture in the workplace:

Here’s how you SHOULD be set up to sit at your desk.

The department of labor suggests:

osha sitting rec

Luckily, I realized the legs on my desk are adjustable and I lowered that, along with my chair (I’m tall, 5’9”). Now I try to stretch my arms and back throughout the day, and am really trying to be constantly aware of how I’m sitting.

Since taking all of these factors into account my back is feeling almost back to normal. Hopefully with a lot of practice, good posture will come more naturally!

Tell me:

How is your desk set up at work?

If you’re a blogger, where do you blog from? The couch? A table? How do you sit?

Do you ever get back pain from your mouse/computer?