Durham in Pictures

This past weekend Tuna and I took a little trip down to Durham, NC to visit my mom!

On Saturday morning, my mom had a healthy breakfast bar for us to wake up to. My concoction was full of strawberry yogurt, granola, chia seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, almond slivers, and blueberries. Yum!


Oh yeah, and mimosas. 🙂

We all went on a morning walk in the Duke Forest. The pine trees are sooooo tall.


2014-03-01 13.43.36

After lunch, we toured around the Durham Bulls stadium as it was gettin’ all fixed up for spring. They’re currently adding a new scoreboard to the field.


The sports day continued with a look inside the famous Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke. Even though our UVA pride was kicking in, it was cool to observe where a lot of bball history has happened.



Apparently there is a tradition called K-ville where students camp out in tents all winter in an attempt to score Duke/UNC rivalry game tickets. That’s just cray, IMO.


The Duke campus is gorgeous and it turned out to be a great day to walk around outside. I wish D.C. would take the hint.





The Duke Chapel –


I spy a wedding….




If you can’t tell, I had fun pretending I was a photographer on our mini vacation. We certainly had to walk off all of the delish food we ate while we were there. And it was definitely nice to get out of town/have a change of scenery! Perhaps we can all take a page from the South’s slower paced lifestyle. I liked having the reminder to stop and take a look around.

Tell me:

What was the last trip you took?

Have you ever been to Duke/Durham?

What camera do you use to take pictures? I use my iPhone

4 thoughts on “Durham in Pictures

  1. Gorgeous pics! Glad you got to see the chapel, etc. I haven’t seen Duke Woods yet. Need another trip down there in the spring (IF it ever gets here!).

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