Skorts and Bic Bands Galore

I motion for all weekends to be three-day weekends.

All in favor, say “Yay.” All opposed…..oh right, NO ONE IS OPPOSED.

This weekend was very much needed. There was definitely some “dirty-eating” going on, according to Tuna. But I also did get my run on (twice) annnnd made some clutch purchases at the local lululemon Marshall’s.

I’ve been itchin’ to get my hands on some skorts ever since I realized my Nike tempo shorts are getting too big.

They are size XL from my boot days and constantly give me thigh wedgies. So. annoying. I have a a pair of black spandex-y shorts, but still get self conscious when there is someone is on the elliptical behind my (yes, MY) treadmill. And being self-conscious about your hammy jiggle should be the last thing on your mind while pushing through your long run, am I right?

I was pumped to find this black Avia skort for $12.99 at Marshall’s – you get the non-wedgie-prone shorty short, but sweat wicking fabric to cover your bum.

To go along with my new found love of spinning I needed some sweat-proof workout tops. I found a great one in periwinkle on clearance for $9.99.

I wore it with my skort to the gym yesterday and I was all like:

I am also super excited about the new bic band I ordered.

Minnie Sparkle Gunmetal. Prettttyyyyy.

Mal gave me one for my birthday and I am obsessed.

Can you tell how excited I am?

I wear it pretty much three out of four times I run. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I am starting to notice that the check-in girl @ Crunch looks at my bic band every time I swipe in. I don’t want to be known as the girl that wears the same sweat-stained sparkly purple bic band every time she goes to the gym. Though I would love to be known as the alternating between two colors sparkly bic band girl.


Since I have alumni a cappella rehizzy this eve, I have to have my Tuesday rest day today (since I’m sure as hell not waking up one moment before my eighth snooze). I used to love having rest days since they were an excuse to sit on the couch and watch reality shows TV. But now, I really wish I could pause time, get a long run in, shower, and theeeen go to rehearsal. There are not enough hours in the day, people.

Can’t wait to run (or spin?) tomorrow after work. I would go to spin, but ONLY if I make it to the gym without rushing and speeding through traffic. I HATE rushing. If I don’t make it by 6:30pm, I’ll play on the treadmill instead. If I do run tomorrow, I’m doing 5 miles. Telling you guys makes me feel like I’ve gotta hold myself to it!

What is your favorite running accessory? Is there something you absolutely cannot run without?

Are you a morning or evening runner?

One thought on “Skorts and Bic Bands Galore

  1. Can’t run without my RoadID and my iPod Nano! And while I hate mornings in general, there’s no feeling like finishing a long run before most people are out of bed on Saturday 🙂

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