Spinning = Winning

Last night I went to my second ever spin class.

I rushed out of work at 5:30pm so that I would be able to run home, quickly change, and speed through the traffic to get to Crunch by the 6:30pm Extreme Ride start time.

I really wanted to make it to this particular class, because the instructor is supposed to be one of the best. The first spin class I took, a few weeks ago, was only OK. I couldn’t really hear the instructor over the music and I didn’t know if anything I was doing was right. It was still fun, but the whole time I was kind of like:

I’m trying to take advantage of all of the different classes offered at Crunch and take them all once, just so that I know what I like best. Two weeks ago I took Zumba, which wasn’t as fun as the Zumba class I used to take at UVA. The whole time I felt kind of like:

Mr. Rogers. I felt self-conscious and wasn’t a huge fan. Plus, I didn’t feel like it was THAT great of a workout. Not to knock Zumba, but I think for now I’ll keep experimenting with other classes.

Anyway, even the first mundane spin class I took was more fun than the Zumba class, so I wanted to try it again.

Even though I got there right on time, I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough bikes available as I ran up to the spin room. Luckily, the rainy weather seemed to deter people, and the class was super empty! After the warm-up, I had already developed a girl-crush on the instructor. She was super peppy and informative – teaching us about “push point, race pace,” etc. I was definitely dripping sweat within the first fifteen minutes of class. My favorite part was our third to last song was Call Me Maybe (currently obsessed, along with the rest of the world) and we did saddle, hover, stand, hover, saddle over and over again to the beat of the song. I think my gf the instructor could tell I was loving it, because she flashed me a head nod and a thumbs up as she walked around shouting the commands.

I think I am now a spinning convert.


The best part of the whole night was coming home to Tuna’s apartment and having a healthy home-cooked dinner all ready for me! It was so nice coming home and not having to make dinner after a workout, which is usually torture because I am always starving.

He made an eat-clean meal for us – marinated chicken breast, broccoli, and brown rice. We even had healthy oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert!

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