My First WIAW

I’m super excited to be a part of What I Ate Wednesday, created by this lovely lady!

This is going to be a very egg filled What I Ate Wednesday….you’ll have to excuse my boring-ness. Get ready for a picture show.

This is actually what I ate on Tuesday.

My weekday mornings ALWAYS start out with overnight oats in a jar and a cup of hazelnut coffee. When I first started clean eating, I took a smoothie every morning with me to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love smoothies – but I was usually hungry again two hours later.

Then I started seeing this thing that all the cool bloggers were obsessed with: overnight oats. My mom actually used to make these a few summers ago when I was living at home, and I thought she was cray.

Turns out both my mom and the cool bloggers were the ones who were right and I’m the cray one.

Overnight oats are not only delicious – they are like…super healthy. And they keep you perfectly full allllll morning, so you’re not being a bitch starving by the time lunch rolls around.

Some people hate overnight oats, some people grow to like them. I instantly loved overnights oat. Convert, right here.

I got my overnight oats recipe from Kath and Julie.

If I don’t have the ingredients to make my perfect overnight oats concoction I freak out. Truth.

You don’t have to make them in a jar. I just like to because then I can take breakfast to go (i.e. every morning, when I oversleep.)

I slice the banana, add 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, and 1/3 cup low fat vanilla yogurt. Sometimes I do equal parts 1/2 cup of each when I’m feeling generous.

Last week I accidentally bought plain yogurt instead of vanilla yogurt and I did not enjoy my oats as much! I didn’t want to waste it, so I tried putting vanilla extract in the plain yogurt. The experiment failed. Thank gaaaawd I bought the right kind of yogurt this week.

I then add in about 2 teaspoons of chia seeds. Chia seeds are expensive (I think they’re like $13.99 at Whole Foods or something like that) but once you buy a pack they last forever.

The chia seeds really help the oats soak up the dairy. Actually, I don’t know exactly what they do, but you need ’em in overnight oats.



Once you have all of your ingredients in the jar, mix ’em up real nice. I add a berry or two on top for good measure. Seal the top, stick it in the fridge, and you’re good to go.

I add “peak protein” Bear Naked granola to the jar in the morning. If we want to talk about healthy living problems, my granola addiction would be the first on the list. I go through two or three of these bags a week. That’s $15- $20 bucks a week. On granola. Oy.

Looks gross, taste so good.

Let’s move on to lunch.

Eggs are so easy to throw on salad for protein, so I take hard boiled eggs to have at lunch every day.

Spinach salad with egg whites and an Italian dressing with an olive oil base.

I refuse to give up my diet coke. It’s like my crack. I used to have two a day, but I try to only have one a day – at lunch.

Obvi the best part of lunch: guac from Whole Foods and wheat pita chips.

And the best afternoon snack ever. It’s almost gone! (Yes, I did successfully eat an entire tub of Whole Foods guac in less than 24 hours. Not ashamed.)


Dinner was another current fav – a breakfast burrito.

2 eggs, 2 egg whites.


Added some shredded cheese….

And the rest of the guac…..

Some microwaved corn….

And the finished product!

So. good. May have to have this for dinner tomorrow, which would make it the third day in a row.


Finally, my evening snack:

This stuff is all the rage right now, man.

Can’t wait to hear what all of you ate!

What is your favorite summer snack at the moment?

3 thoughts on “My First WIAW

  1. Seriously looking at your meals is like looking at my own meals! i eat overnight oats,homemade breakfast burritos, avocado and boiled eggs ALL THE TIME! Healthy minds think alike:) yummm

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