My Favorite Weekly Holiday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This week, my overnight oats got a makeover. They got blueberrified.

Basically, I was tired of taking thirty seconds to slice strawberries, so I switched up my O.O. fruit this week. And boy am I loving it. I didn’t realize how much of a blueberry lover I am. I even used to avoid blueberry muffins. Oh how times have changed.


I’ve decided I’m completely sick of my hard boiled egg salad every day. Please don’t make me eat any more hard boiled egg salads.

This week, I opted for a different form of protein on my luncheon lettuce.


I added some shredded cheese and olive oil dressing, and it wasn’t too bad.


Since we are snacking sensibly this month, I gobbled down some hummus and veggies in the mid-afternoon. This was my first time trying scallion and parsley hummus. It’s kind of a funny color, but I like it!

Let’s be honest, the veggies and hummus only kept me satiated for approximately one hour.

Emergency raisins to the rescue!


I bought the ingredients for a yummy looking crab, tomato, and avocado salad for a sweet recipe my mom sent me. (Thanks, Mom!)

In my haste to make my fancy salad, there was a terrible casualty:


But. But. My O.O. fruit!!!

Now I understand why Whole Foods always puts the rubber bands on produce and eggs. Maybe I should start doing that at home too and not just for transit.

Will you still be friends with me if I violently and aggressively re-wash the blueberries and eat them? Yeah. I think that’s fine…

Back to my version of the Crabby Summer Salad.

The best part – it involves almost no cooking. (I say almost because I put the salad a-top leftover wheat noodles.)

CNG’s Crabby Summer Salad


1/2 Avocado
1 Tomato
3/4 cup corn
1/4 cup chopped red onion
Olive Oil
1 Lime
Crab Flavored Seafood Sticks a.k.a. “Fake”Crab

Note that this is an individual portion of the Crabby Summer Salad. I’m thinking I’ll at least double this recipe and make it for Tuna and I this weekend.


Chop up the onion and put it in a medium sized bowl with 1 tsp olive oil  and the juice of 1/3 of a lime.

(I actually used white onion in my dish because the store was out of red onions when I went. It was waaay too oniony with white onion. I’ll definitely have to use red next time.)

Heat up the 3/4 cup of corn (I used frozen) in the microwave and dump in the bowl.

Add some cilantro, salt, and pepper.

I used some jalapeno too – that’s what the green things are. I wasn’t really a fan though, so I’m not using it in the official recipe. However, feel free to add your own ingredients! Cooking is all about making a recipe your own.

Step 1

The rest is simple – cut up one small tomato and one half of an avocado.


Cut up one stick of “fake” crab, pull apart, and mix in.

You can eat the salad by itself, on greens, pasta, or meat.


I certainly did.

What did you make to eat this week?

What is your favorite summer dish? I love picking crabs at the beach!

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Weekly Holiday

  1. OMG last week I dropped my blueberries in the garage and normally I would salvage them, but in the garage I was like ewwwwww dang it. HAHA. I loooove your cupcake tablecloth or w/e it is, so cute!!

  2. Totally pinned that recipe for my hubby! he loves all things crab!

    Favorite summer dish: Fruit salad or just plain fruit. Although overnight oats are quickly becoming my favorite “summer” dish. Are they a dish?

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