Bienvenido A Miami

We are already having a blast in Miami with Tuna’s sister and hubby (and their puggle, Tom Selleck.)

Of course I’m keeping an eye out for the most important person in Miami: Mama Elsa. Don’t worry, I know we’ll run into her soon.


It was amazing going from chilly D.C. weather to perfect, 75 degree sun.


To start off our sweet vacay, Tuna’s sis and hubby took us to their favorite restaurant in Miami Beach: Barton G’s – The Restaurant.

Not only was the decor gorgeous, the service was great and the food was truly an experience. In preparation for dinner, Tuna’s sister’s hubby warned us, “this will be the best food presentation you’ve ever seen.”

I figured that meant tiny portions of fancy food on fancy white plates drizzled with fancy sauce in crazy designs.

Nope. This was a full-on giant amount of eats on absolutely ridiculous serving platters. Ridiculous = awesome.

Look at the menus! The menus were on iPads. I don’t even have an iPad and this restaurant had a hundred of them! Talk about being technologically savvy.


We started off with two of the best appetizers I’ve ever had.

Popcorn shrimp and lobster, served in a popcorn scooper. It even came with a little bit of popcorn scattered in the scooper!


Deep fried lobster? Mmm mmm.

Please observe the greatest creation on the planet.


An assortment of potatoes: regular fries, sweet potato fries, homemade chips, and…wait for it…tater tots.


They came with different dipping sauces. You should be proud of me be because I tried 3/4 of the sauces. There was a honey mustard, a cheese sauce, and a “smoky ketchup” that we were convinced was BBQ sauce. The one I didn’t try was the vinegar sauce. No thank you.

The cool thing about the restaurant was that no one was shy about staring at other people’s food and taking pics. Perf for a blogger. 🙂

Look at this meal from the table next to us. Giant forks are obviously necessary.


We were already full by the time our entrees arrived.

Tuna ordered short ribs with roasted potatoes and veggies.


We ordered the best side dish in the world: lobster mac and cheese.


Tuna’s sis ordered the Royal Salmon – it was served on a pillow!


My go to order at a fancy restaurant is always steak. This steak did not disappoint! It was even served with my own desk lamp.


I think I’ve found my calling, you guys. I need to be the designer of the serving dishes of this restaurant. Or maybe I can just start stocking up at Michael’s Arts and Crafts before dinner parties.

It was too bad we were too full for dessert. We could have played Duck Hunter!


Have you ever been to Miami?

What’s the craziest way you’ve ever seen food served?