Le Pain Quotidien

Or as I still call it, “Le Puh puh qwah qwah,” since I cannot pronounce the name of this restaurant if you paid me.

The Saturday we got back from Brazil, I had to immediately brag about our trip to some of my fam.

We went to Le Pain Quotidien for brunch. I had never been there before – and it was good! Basically a fancy pants Panera that is more of a sit-down restaurant with communal tables.

The only downside was their small servings, but it’s all organic and moderately priced.

I started with some apple cider.

appleciderThere weren’t any handles! Guess it’s a French thing.

My mom got a fancy turkey and avocado sandwich.

momsandwichmomsandwich2I stuck with some hangover comfort food, and ordered french toast.

frenchtoastMy lil’ cuz ate half of it, so we ordered a second round! đŸ™‚

Le Pain Quotidien looks a little bit like Beauty and the Beast on the inside with it’s provincial French decor (I need to start taking pictures of things other than my food!)

Tuna got the Spanish omelet and I was jeal. I wish the omelets I make would look like that!


Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

What is your favorite brunch spot?

Best comfort food. Ready….go.


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