Healthy Living Holiday Wish List

I love looking at other bloggers’ Holiday wish lists, so I decided to share mine with you!

Maybe it will give you some ideas for gift giving for your healthy living/run-obsessed friends – or for you to ask for! In my fam, if you don’t provide a list of present options for people to get you, you’re in big trouble.

  • Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch

Ok, so I didn’t quite ask for this specifically, because it has the price tag is a little steep at $130, but this would be my dream watch. My stopwatch unfortunately died in Brazil due to a tragic nail polish explosion.

According to, this new Garmin Forerunner has:

  • High sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Records position, speed/pace, distance and calories
  • Easy-to-use, button operated
  • Virtual Pacer compares current pace to target
  • Auto Lap and pause.

Perhaps this one shall have to wait until my birthday. 🙂

  • BIC Bands
Apologies for this odd pic. I was cold on Rockville 10K day.

Apologies for this odd pic, but it’s a good BIC Band shot. I was cold on Rockville 10K day.

I am one of those people that has to have everything feeling PERFECT during a run. If my shoelaces aren’t tied at the right level of tightness I have to stop and re-tie. I know, I’m slightly cray cray, but please tell me you do this too!

Anyway, I’m the same way about my hair during a run. It MUST be out of my face. My friend Mal got me a BIC Band for my birthday last year, and now I can’t run without one! They stay in place so you don’t have to be constantly messing with your ponytail like I am forever messing with my running wedgies. Sorry in advance to anyone ever running behind me on a treadmill.

Not only are BIC Bands cute and relatively inexpensive, a portion of funds are donated to charity.

Speaking of running wedgies these are apparently the solution to them.

Many runners swear by them – the only problem is that they’re about the same price as my monthly electric bill. I guess lights and heat are more important in my life than not having running wedgies (right now.)

  • Magazine subscription to Runner’s World
  • Foam Roller

I have grown tired of using the one at the gym, especially after sweaty people. Gross. I would also like to foam roll with a glass of wine in hand for the entirety of every Real Housewives episode.

  • Chia Seeds

Let’s cut to the chase: chia seeds are damn expensive. Instead of buying a packet of chia seeds from Whole Foods that will last you 10 overnight oat jars for $12.99, order them in bulk here like my Mom does.

Though – I wonder if you could grow chia seeds from the hair on a Chia Pet. That would be both cost effective and beneficial to my apartment decor. Looks like I have some research to do….

What is on YOUR healthy living Holiday wish list?

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