Weekend Recap

Big news today. I ran 8 miles outside and didn’t die.

Though I kind of thought I was going to during miles 6-8.


You can tell I was dying by my even slower slow splits.

I was glad I got to run outside on my fav new beautiful trail, though. We all know that long runs on the treadmill can seem like torture.


On Saturday afternoon, Tuna and I went to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria to check out his sister-in-law’s awesome art exhibit.

torpedofactory1It was pretty cool that we got to tour the exhibit with the artist!

Afterwards we headed over to RedRocks Pizzeria for some beer and fancy pizza.

I sampled the Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (not gonna lie, I picked it just because of the name) and it was delish.

sumpin'sumpin'1It’s a good thing that the pizza was amazing, because Tuna and I were pretty pissed about our appetizer. We experienced a terrible injustice when our “bacon wrapped scallops” order arrived with ONE measly scallop.

scallop2We ate our nine dollar scallop in one bite.


New obsession = Homeland.

If you haven’t started it yet, you have to. End of story.

Let’s cross our fingers that I wake up tomorrow! It always seems harder to get out of bed the day after a long run. My clean sheets are calling – catch ya later!

Tell me about your weekend! What did you do?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Congrats on 8 miles! And on not dying! Tho’ it must be hard to get out of bed today–dark, icy rain….even without running the day before. I used to work a block from the Torpedo Factory–often walked through there at lunchtime. Even took some art classes there–neat place.

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