The Perfect Cadence Playlist

Not only did my friend Vicki inform me about tofu, she also was kind enough to share the best running playlist ever with me.

What’s so special about this playlist?

It was made for runners.

Let me explain.

Actually, let this screen shot of some internet research explain.

My fav running book, Born to Run, backs this up.

“Fortunately, Ken had already begun doing physiological testing on triathletes as part of his kinesiology studies…Ken’s first test subject was Alan Melvin, a world-class Masters triathlete in his sixties. First, Ken set a baseline by having Melvin run four hundred meters full out. Then he clipped a small electric metronome to his T-shirt.

‘What’s this for?’

‘Set it for one hundred eighty beats a minute, then run to the beat...’

‘Kenyans have superquick foot turnover,” Ken said. “Quick, light leg contractions are more economical than big, forceful ones.’

Within a year of creating his new technique in 1997, Ken became unbeatable, winning the world disabled championship the next two years in a row. Once word got out that Ken had figured out a way to run that was not only fast but gentle on the legs, other triathletes began hiring him as their coach. Ken went on to train eleven national champions and built up a roster of more than one hundred athletes” (McDougall, Christopher: Born to Run, page 149).

Yes, I’ve tried to count my footstrikes during a run….and yes, I always lose count within approximately fifteen seconds.

With Vicki’s cadence playlist from Spotify, the music counts for me! I recommend downloading any of the below songs – they all consist of 180 beats per minute, perfect for running.


  • Vampire weekend: A-Punk
  • Postal Service: Such Great Heights
  • Presidents of the United States of America: Kick Out the Jams
  • MuteMath: Electrify
  • Jimmy Eat World: Praise Chorus
  • Don Henley: Boys of Summer
  • Tinie Tempah: Written in the Stars
  • Metric: Gold Guns Girls
  • TV On the Radio: Wolf Like Me
  • Iggy Pop: Some Weird Sin
  • Billy Idol: Dancing with Myself
  • Black Keys: Everlasting Light

They sure helped me with my long run on Sunday!

What are some of your favorite songs to run to? (I need to add some more to my iPod!)

Tell me all the things.

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