My New Favorite Thing to Do On the Treadmill



nookontreadmill1It seems kind of crazy, because it is a little difficult – but seriously, it makes the time pass sooo much faster.

If I’m not running outside, the sights and sounds on the treadmill can be exactly the opposite of exciting.

A lot of the time I do like to zone out and use running as relaxation/meditation/a de-stresser and just listen to my tunes. But other times (especially on the treadmill) it is lovely to have a run fly by and just be over with!

I just finished my book club book, What Alice Forgot, last night.

It’s a girly fluff book that is a fast and fun read. Definitely a good vacation [or treadmill] book.

Now I’m starting The Secret Race, which obviously has some serious dramz.

I do love me some athletic man drama.

Keep in mind I’m reading on my nook! I think it would be a lot harder to read an actual book while running – but I haven’t tried it, so who knows.

If only I could get rid of the reading-with-drunk-goggles-on feeling… (aka, funniest site ever) (Why is this site so funny to me?!)

Warning: reading on the treadmill may cause slight motion sickness.

But I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually!

Do you read on the treadmill? Or while working out?

One thought on “My New Favorite Thing to Do On the Treadmill

  1. Yes! I used to try reading print books–no way. But with my Kindle, I can adjust the font size (larger helps, on a treadmill), and just tap to turn a page. It does make time go faster.

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