The Solution to a Stomachache

Alright, I’m finally being honest with you.

For pretty much all of my half marathon training, I’ve been doing 3 out of my 4 scheduled runs per week.

I’m still doing the long runs – so doesn’t 3 out of 4 runs count?

But really, it’s hard to have time to squeeze in a run, and it’s currently really effing cold outside.

Since this past week was the long run break week (week 6) I figured it was a good chance to come clean and catch up.

That’s why I reallllly wanted to be able to cross that extra run off my list on Friday.

Unfortunately, my stomach started hurting at work in the afternoon and wouldn’t let up. I must have eaten something bad because I sure was strugglin’. I debated whether or not I should stick with my plan to go to the gym.

I did end up going – but I shouldn’t have.

It certainly wasn’t a very fun run. I was nauseous and my stomach kept cramping and I basically sprinted to the bathroom when the distance hit 3.00.

Once I got to Tuna’s, my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t even stretch or foam roll.

And you know something’s wrong if I couldn’t foam roll.

It was getting late, and Tunes and I totally needed to get something
for dinner.

He asked if I was still in the mood to order sushi – but that was the last thing I wanted with my stomachache.

I promptly fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until Tuna came back with food.


Cheese fries and pizza from Ledo Pizza.


30 minutes later, with every bit of food devoured and starting to digest – my stomach felt better.


Not all the way better, but I wasn’t smushed into the fetal position anymore either.

I guess sometimes your stomach just needs some cheese fries.

What do you do when you have a stomachache? Any particular foods that help you?

One thought on “The Solution to a Stomachache

  1. So sorry you felt bad. Moral: Pay attention to what your body tries to tell you, even when your mind thinks it knows better. (But pizza and fries???)

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