Slow and Steady

My back is officially 100% better! I took an extra day of rest last week, and even though I felt guilty then, I’m glad I did. I don’t even want to have to think about an injury for the next two weeks leading up to the half.

However, my whole fam seems to have given each other the same set of sniffles, so I have been kind of under the weather all weekend.

I decided to give my long run a go anyway, which turned out well!

longrun11mi2I didn’t even think about feeling sickly during the run because I was a little focused on the entirety of my body being quite confused at running a new distance.

Thanks for putting up with my strange desires to run longer distances, body.

I tried GU Chomps for the first time and loved them! They taste a heck of a whole lot better than GU gel and seemed to give me a bit more energy than the sports jelly beans.

guchompsI’m pretty sure I’ve found my race fuel! However, before the race I must figure out how to successfully breathe through my nose while I literally chomp on each of these like a freakin’ cow. They’re a little chewy.

longrun11miSlow and steady wins finishes the race! (That’s what I keep telling myself….)

Before I knew it, I entered new trail territory and stumbled on a pleasant surprise.

2013-03-02 18.37.08Just another day of runnin’ in the nation’s capital.

P.S. It’s Tuna’s birthday today! If you wish him a happy birthday, I’ll make sure to let him know. 😉

happybirthdaytunaHow was your long run this weekend?



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