That Run Was Ugly

The title says is all – that run was ‘effin ugly.

I might have been experiencing the last of my cold…

Or maybe it was because on Friday night I thought I was 21 again, and drank just a fewwww (think exponentially) too many [beers].

Perhaps it could have been the bar food I fueled with on Saturday night.

appetizers16 people, 9 appetizers. We did some damage.

americantapas1Needless to say, on Sunday morning – I was hurting.

Thank goodness the weather could not have been more perfect.

weather1Mistake number one: I wore running tights instead of shorts.

Mistake number two: I headed out with some margarita shot bloks in my sports bra.

twittershotbloksWhen I told Tuna this after the run, he was very confused. He thought I spilled my fuel down my sports bra.

No. I intentionally put them in there, Tuna.

Note to self: never do this again. I won’t go in to detail (you’re welcome) but shot bloks melt. And it’s not pretty.

Neither were my miles.

longrun12miThey were rough and thirsty.

But it finally gave me the confidence I need for Sunday.

13.1, here I come!

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