This Is Funny: Cosmic Run

If you ask me to run with you, I will most like say YES, no matter what kind of race it is.

Well, except maybe The Color Run.

Not to knock anyone’s fav race, but I always thought The Color Run was kind of dumb. I didn’t quite get the fun of having people throw paint on you during a race. Why not just run? There just didn’t seem like there was a point to it.

However, I am the one that did a Tough Mudder, so I can’t really talk about rationality when it comes to races.


#throwbackthursday  HA

When my friend asked me if I wanted to run her first 5K with her in October, I said YES!

This is funny.

I signed up, typed my cool post about it. All set.

Here is that post:


An added bonus: it’s a Cosmic Run.

cosmic5kThis is awesome because:

  • It’s at night, so you run in the dark
  • There is “fluorescent glowing light technology” and “pulsing dance music”
  • It’s a fun run

I never got to do the Vampire 5K because it was cancelled, so this will be my fun run of the season!


All done with my post, I looked at the website one last time, and to my dismay, found that I needed to scroll down a bit more in the ABOUT section.

fluorescent colors“Become the canvas as you get showered with thousands of pounds of vividly-glowing and brilliantly-soft fluorescent color powders.”

Mother effer. It’s like The Color Run on crack.

But…the more I thought about it, I realized that the point of fun runs like these is that there is no point to them. The silliness takes away the nerves and the doubt surrounding races, and leaves more room for giggling and gaining confidence in your running self.

Maybe this is exactly the kind of race I need.

Thanks for asking me to sign up, Mags!

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