Friday’s Five

1. YAY

enhanced-buzz-11088-1372271712-272. THIS 8 minute abs video

My fav Hungry Runner Girl always does this video, so I finally tried it out. It did give my abs a good workout, plus the outfits/hair/everything is the best thing ever.

3. Is the Tough Mudder too tough?

Not sure how I missed the news that someone died during a Tough Mudder recently, but it’s really sad. Though sometimes accidents can’t be helped, it shows we really need to prepare for the dangers of any endurance sport we participate in.

4. Starting a new book club book

Summer = lots of treadmill reading. I did my “long run” outside last Saturday and I continued to sweat for approximately 5 hours afterwards.

5. The mind + body section of the most recent edition of Runner’s World

My longer runs are about to start soon, and I’m pretty sure a lot of my slowness, etc comes from needing to work on my mental toughness.

runningarticle1Weekend, woohoooo!

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