My Allegiance

I think my allegiance has officially shifted from Whole Foods to Trader Joe’s.

traderjoesA year and a half ago, I used to do my weekly grocery shopping at Giant. I would get golfish and diet coke and call it a day.

When I started eating clean in January 2012, I started shopping at Whole Foods – meaning I was spoiled with ridiculously nice looking produce while simultaneously spending a small fortune.

Talking with friends last week brought me back down to Earth that people my age should be shopping a little more $$ conscious wise, and Trader Joe’s is the perfect compromise. Foodie and organic, but waaay more affordable.

I’m glad I used Whole Foods during the time that I was really figuring out how to eat healthily, and now that I know what shit like agave nectar is I’m more comfortable with choosing what to buy in a jumbled assortment of food.

traderjoes1With everything costing about half of what it would cost at Whole Foods, I am able to simply buy more at Trader Joe’s. I have enough room in my budget to try new flavors that I may not like or buy fruit that I normally wouldn’t buy, like tomato and basil hummus.

traderjoeshummus2And there are awesome Trader Joe’s brand items that are not only cheap, but utterly delicious. This pecan praline granola is seriously the best granola I’ve ever had.

pecangranolaChia seeds at Whole Foods = $9.99. Chia seeds at Trader Joe’s = $4.99.

traderjoeshaulWanna know why I never went to the Trader Joe’s near me and opted for the more expensive Whole Foods? I thought you had to pay for parking in the nearby garage to park at the Trader Joe’s.

Turns out parking is free.

Where do you grocery shop?

Are you on team Whole Foods or team Trader Joe’s?

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