The Great Cooking Disaster of 2013

Sooooo…..about that baked vegetable pilaf.

bakedvegetablepilaf5Making it was fun and it tasted amazing. But it was during the part in between that disaster struck.

As I went to put the dish in the oven, I glanced at the recipe instructions one last time and realized I needed a lid for the casserole dish (the directions called for one).

Welp, I didn’t have a lid, so I made a makeshift one using two glass lids for the 9x13in dish. One was from a smaller casserole dish and the other was my crock-pot lid.

photo (2)35 minutes later, I took the pilaf out of the oven and squinted in confusion.

The handle on the crock-pot lid had melted.

meltedcrockpotlid2In a huff, I grabbed the other glass lid with my non-mitted hand and immediately felt the shock of HOT. I quickly threw the glass down into the sink and turned on the cold cold water to run my burned fingers under.

Then I heard a large SNAP.

brokencookinglid1Maybe I need to go back and read Cooking For Dummies.

burnedhandLesson learned: always read ALL of the directions before you start a recipe.

Have you ever had a baking or cooking fail? What happened?

2 thoughts on “The Great Cooking Disaster of 2013

  1. Ouch! So sorry. Cold water WAS the right thing for fingers, if not for glass lids. Do you own aluminum foil? That’s the all-purpose cover for baked things.

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