Run the Other Way

For the past year, I’ve been running on the same trail. I run past the same trees, see the same people, and run over (and under) the same bridges day after day.

bridgeonrunI always walk to the trail, turn right and start running. I even know how the landmarks coordinate with the mileage: if I need to do 3 miles, I run to such and such bench, 5 miles, to a particular fence.

It was only recently that I realized –  I’ve been running in one direction.

Ummm….why have I never run the other way?

Last week I almost did, but after a long day, I needed my comforting trees and bridges to zone out and get some stress relief.

On Monday, I finally got the balls to turn left.

With the new scenery, my senses were stimulated and the miles flew by. I’m still loyal to my usual way, but I was definitely in need of a different route to occasionally run.

It was the perf change up for the very first day of this half marathon training cycle.

firstdayofhalfmarathontrainingHow often do you change up your running route?

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