PRR Training Week 4: The Week That I Did All of My Runs

So last week was a good running week .

It was the first week ever (I really think – ever) that I did all of my runs.

For half marathon training, most plans suggest 4 days of running, 1 day of cross training, and 2 days of rest. On a good week, I get 3 of my 4 runs in. I end up doing 2 shorter runs during the work week and 1 long run on the weekend.

All of a sudden last week I was sick of feeling bad for skipping a day and decided to suck it up and squeeze in my runs even though my schedule was tight.

I got to do my second run of the week with my speedy friend Mal who pushed me to run at my goal race pace (which is a full 3 minutes slower than her MARATHON race pace, might I add). The miles were fun because we could chat the whole time which made the run go by really fast.

Before I went home, I made sure to tell her that I was planning on waking up the next morning to get my third run in before work – so if I didn’t wake up, I would look like a tool.

I bet you can guess…I don’t even remember turning off my alarm.

But you have to give me a teensy bit of credit because I did a do-over the next morning and woke up in time get my morning run in.

Kind of amusing that the world is beautiful and serene in the morning when you get out of bed before the rest of the world (this almost never happens so I wouldn’t know).


All the animals were out explorin’ in the early light.

2013-09-20 09.21.42

Runner’s high + coffee = a good morning at work.

I put off my long run until Sunday so I could have a few drinks on Friday. It was a sweaty and uneventful long run except that I am loving that it is the time in my training that I get to use FUEL.


I don’t really like gels but cannot get enough of sports jelly beans and gummy chews.

I’ve from multiple sources that it is good to use fuel (food or drink that replenishes your electrolytes) if you’re running for over an hour.

And in the next few weeks my runs are going to keep getting longer. 

2013-09-22 13.25.22

Week #4 Recap

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run, race pace

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 mile run

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 7 mile run

Do you EVERYTHING your training plan says to do? Do you skip some days? Eek, I skipped cross this week!