PRR Training Week 6: Take a Stepback

Even though not running for almost a whole week was tough, I got better from being sick quickly and was able to do everything on my training plan last week.

Also, it was extra nice since last week was a stepback running week, which meant no long run. Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point explains exactly what a stepback week is HERE.

Thank goodness a long run wasn’t on the schedule, because a heat wave swept through DC and it was HOT out.


Instead of a long run, I was supposed to do a 5-K on Saturday. But I am currently trying to save some moolah at the moment, which meant hosting my own personal 5-K on the trails.

Per usual, I got overexcited at the beginning and ran faster than I should have and died on the second mile. Sound familiar? 



Overall, the run was a little slower than I would have liked – but I really did try my best. And in the end, that’s all we can do!

2013-10-05 17.23.00

Week #6 Recap

Monday: 3 mile run, 8 – minute abs

Tuesday: 3 mile run, under goal pace w/ Mal

Wednesday: yoga

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5-K run

Sunday: rest

step-back week

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What did your training look like last week? 

Do you ever go out too fast on a run?