PRR Training Week 9: I Skipped My Run (Twice)

First things first:



I am very annoyed at my Garmin right now.


It isn’t talking to my computer so I can’t show you pretty pictures of my speedy (for me) run on Friday. Friday runs are my thing now.

Let me back up – as you know, I moved last week. For some reason, I thought I could function as a normal human being and run all of my Week 9 miles, pack everything I own, clean, and sleep. False.

Runs were the first thing on the list to get cut. I ended up skipping 2 out of the 4 runs on the schedule. I had so much run guilt it was ridiculous. I felt like skipping your run = you are a bad person.

I kept having this internal/external battle between my mind and my body. Should I do the run, should I squeeze it in, should I try to wake up really early….?

It seems fine to scold yourself when choosing the couch over a run, but what it you are legitimately working your butt off? Sometimes life is busy and it’s not worth pushing yourself to exhaustion in order to write in the extra mileage on your training chart. In gel pen.

At least all of my shitty running weeks coincide with stepback weeks in the training cycle.

At the end of the week I sucked it up and ran even though I was overtired. I was glad I did, because it actually ended up energizing me and being one of my best runs in a long time. I hope that sets the tone for the next three weeks before the half! 

Week #9 Recap

Monday: yoga

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5 mile run

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest


Do you ever get run guilt when you skip runs on your training plan?