PRR Training Week 10: That Is Just How It Works

A good running week always comes after a bad one. That is just how it works. 

Please disregard the fact that I used cleaning my old apartment as my cross training. It did, however, take many hours and lots of sweating so I feel semi-validated in doing so.

After a mid-week run in my new apartment gym and a longer run on the treadmill at Crunch with a interesting new book club read (The Handmaid’s Tale), I was feeling pretty confident about the upcoming half. But then I got home and proceeded to re-arrange furniture in the den approximately ten times and immediately felt the dreaded awkward tweak in my back. 

When I woke up on Friday morning it was still bothering me. You know that kind of muscle/nerve strain where you get an occasional shock of pain? Thank goodness it completely went away after 24 hours of resting it, and I was 100% good to go for the weekend’s long run. Even though I swore to myself after last week that I would do all four runs every week before the race, I tried not to feel too guilty for skipping a run when I really did need to.

Sunday morning offered PERFECT fall running weather and all was forgiven.


I am loving that my new apartment is less than a mile away from my favorite trail. It is so flat and has great views, plus it goes on forever – so it is just right for building up mileage.


Two things helped me get through Week 10’s long run:

1. Having new mileage landmarks.

Jumping on the trail at a new spot threw off all of my usual mileage spots. Before, I always knew how far I’d gone because of a bench or how much I had left when coming up on a bridge. Now all of those spots are new distances along the path. Scrambling up the mileage in my mind distracted me so that I had to be mentally tougher with my Garmin as my only guide.

2. Breaking it up.

Double digit runs are still new to me and sometimes they can feel like you are running FOREVER. Little goals like making it to the turnaround helped make the longer miles seem more manageable. It was refreshing to watch them tick along as successful checkpoints.

Only one more long run left before the Potomac River Run Half!

Week #10 Recap

Monday: cross 🙂

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 11 mile run


Don’t believe the little face, it should be smiling.

What are some of your tricks to make a long run go by faster?

Do you ever count unconventional activities as cross training? 

Tell me all the things.

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