Next Up: Potomac River Run Half Marathon

Not having a challenging race to train for can be nice sometimes. It means I don’t have to stress about a long run over the weekend or force myself to go to the gym when I’m really not feelin’ it. It is rather quite liberating to decide how far I feel like running during a run.

But it can also be kind of boring. Lately I’ve just been doing shorter runs a few times a week whenever I’m in the mood to.

The only problem from this is that my fitness level has suffered without having a specific race to train for. Back when I was training for the Tough Mudder last year, there wasn’t ever a question if I should skip my workout or sit my ass on the couch. I HAD to get the workout in so that my body would be properly prepared to handle the race.

026After I finished the Shamrock Half in March, I knew I wanted to run another half marathon. I definitely want to do a bunch of half marathons before I even think about running a full marathon.

shamrockhalfmalandroseI am also huge brat and will not train for a longer race when I have to do long runs when it is super hot outside. Same thing goes for the cold. Therefore, I needed to find a half to do sometime in late October or November.

Originally, I was considering running the Richmond Half Marathon, but after some thought I decided I wanted to do a half closer to home. And though Richmond is supposed to be a really good race, I also liked the idea of seeing how smaller, more intimate races are.

So, I’m doing this in November:

Don’t get too excited – I’m doing the half, not the full.

Other bonuses about this race: it’s insanely flat and is even on some of the paths that I normally run on.

I’m really excited to do a longer race on my “home turf.”

See ya later, gotta go start making highlighted training charts in my moleskine.

Are you signed up for any goal races?

What is your favorite season to do races in?

2 thoughts on “Next Up: Potomac River Run Half Marathon

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