Ok, so I lied. Well – I didn’t know I was going to lie. My intent to have a healthy weekend was strong, but my follow through was pretty darn weak.

As of Friday afternoon I was doing well….I ran outside for 4 mi after work. Workout, check. I made the yummy shrimp paella dish. Clean eating, check. And then I had some popcorn…, not too bad.

Saturday evening I had an a cappella gig singing at a graduation party. I had potato salad. A lot of potato salad. I then went to hang with a group of friends and ended up drinking many a’ brewski and ordering Dominos. Fail. Sunday snowballed into not even really caring what I ate. I had a delectable brunch, complete with french toast and white sangria…for a snack later I shoveled some hot cheetos into my mouth, (FAV) only to save the best for last – ordering Pad Thai takeout. It was glorious, though the aftermath was not. Oh yeah, and I put off my long run Sunday until Monday in lieu of watching Imortals on Netflix with Tuna.

Epic. Fail.

At this point, should I even be writing a “healthy living” blog at all? Embarr.

So I fell off the wagon an little bit. What can you do? It’s life. And I mean, I had a good weekend. At least I had the dedication to get back on the wagon on Monday morning, right? My whole eating clean thing isn’t ruined or spoiled. It’s just a little hiccup – especially since I want to maintain clean eating inevitably.

It’s all good though. I redeemed myself quickly though, being extra healthy to counteract my bad clean eating karma from the weekend.

For breakfast, I had some overnight oats in a mason jar, left over from the communal sized overnight oats dish I took to brunch on Sunday.

Yes, I only have one pretty serving dish.

For lunch I had a healthy spinach salad, topped with egg whites. I wanted to get some good fuel food in me because I wanted to be in tippy top shape for my long run last night.

Egg whites are surprisingly filling. It’s a great way to get cheap protein. My favorite part of the salad was getting to the brown rice at the bottom!


I was actually nervous to attempt my long run last night (yeah, the one I put off on Sunday.) The longest I had ever run before was 5 miles, and that was with a one-lap walk break. I was terrified, actually.

But guess what….I DID IT! That’s right, I ran 6 miles. I ran on the treadmill at Crunch – it took me 1 hour and 7 minutes, averaging 11 minute miles. And you know what, I think I could have gone faster! I was petrified the whole time that I wouldn’t have even steam to make it to the end, so I ran pretty slowly. I started out with 12 minute miles and worked my way down to 11, 10, and 9 minutes. I ended with a 9 minute mile!

My cool down was cut short because the guy next to me let lose a really bad fart. Like one of those healthy runner GI tract farts. It was a bad one.

After stretching for a bit (especially my hips!) I went on home and refueled with some chocolate milk.

Hmm. Maybe it is OK to eat a bit of junk and skip my run on the weekend (even if I lie to myself about how I’m not going to do it) as long as I go back to being the healthy living poser person on Monday. I think I’m alright with that. For now.

Tell me all the things.

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