The First Step

I’m so excited because…….

I just signed up for my very first race!!!!

Damn, I must be getting serious about this running thing.

I signed up for the Purple Stride D.C. 5K! Now I really gotta get running. I have no idea what to expect, but now I’ll actually be able to do a race recap. Ha.

The race is on June 16th, and I just found out I have to move six giant filing cabinets (and all of the files) at work the day before the race. Do you think that will eff with my muscles too much? I hope not.

I am super pumped to get to pick out a race outfit, and PR…..since I have yet to even establish a R. Sweet!

I’m not worried about the length of the race, since I know I can run 3.1 miles no problem – but I’m worried about my time! Since I’m a new runner (that’s my excuse, OK?) I’m slow as shit. I run like 10 or 11 minute miles. Everyone talks about race adrenaline though, so I’m going to try try try to make it in 30 minutes or less on race day.


I started the day off with my typical overnight oats in a jar and a cup of Hazelnut coffee. I seriously look forward to both of them every morning.

I have the same overnight oat mixture every morning. (Hey, I’m still Chicken Nugget Girl, alright?)

I’ll fill you in on my exact overnight oats recipe next week on What I Ate Wednesday. The suspense is killing you, I know.

For lunch, I felt pretty blah. I could not bring myself to eat my usual spinach salad for lunch. I just was not feeling it. I ate my afternoon snack for lunch instead! So rebellious.

chocolate covered cherries > spinach

It was the first time trying this flavor, and it was delish. It actually tasted like chocolate covered cherries. Mmmmm.

I also had a lovely ripe Georgia peach from Whole foods.

Speaking of Whole Foods, I have a confession to make.

I have a problem.

I have a Whole Foods addiction.

When I started eating clean, I started shopping at Whole Foods more often. Yes, it’s expensive, but the produce is so much better and there are so many more healthy options to choose from. I would go once a week and load up on all of my healthy goodies for the week.

Lately, I’ve been going two or three times a week – buying a few things here and there, probably equaling the amount of groceries that I would get when I used to go once a week. Maybe a few more items, meaning a bit more $$$.

Guess how many times I’ve been to Whole Foods this week? Guess.


Four times. And it’s only Friday. That means I went to Whole Foods every day this week except Memorial Day.

I am currently scared to look at my bank account. Don’t make me do it.

Next week, I am only allowing myself to go ONCE. Yikes.

But oh well, this afternoon’s Whole Foods trip brought someone special into my life. I met a new BFF who even rode home with me.

Huh? A passenger?

Until I eat him.

I really need to take a chill pill on the whole Whole Foods thing. But at least the first step is admitting I have a problem, right?


As soon as I got home I started munching on my new favorite snack. Pretzels and chocolate peanut butter. Yes, you heard me. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER. It has just the right amount of sugar and protein. Lolz.


God’s gift to the world.

Today is a rest day – which I’m surprisingly glad for. I did my Sarah Ivanhoe yoga DVD last night along with an On Demand five-minute ab blast, and my abs are actually kind of sore today. After five minutes. Sad.

But I’m going to be healthy-ish this weekend (as I always say on Friday afternoon….). I’m going to try to get a short workout in tomorrow and my long run (7 miles, eeeeeek!) on Sunday.

Happy Friday!

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