Sweating Cab Sav

Good Morning!

I slept in nice and late. Glorious.

Last night’s dinner was a clean one:

Whole wheat pasta with shrimp, spinach, onions, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. Since I didn’t have my spinach for lunch, I had to get my greens for the day in somewhere.

Table for two!

The wine was not clean. But it was good!

I actually was a little too supportive of the wine last night. I think I’m going to be sweating cab sav on my run. Don’t look at me.


Breakfast this morning at noon was a classic.

Vans whole grain waffles with chocolate peanut butter, banana cookies, and strawberries slices.

When I was little, my mom used to call sliced bananas banana cookies so I would actually eat them.

I still call them banana cookies so I will actually eat them.

And a whole bunch of black coffee in my fav over sized thrift store mug.

My wine headache feels better already!

Now I’m off to cut up my big ass BFF watermelon for my aunt’s birthday pool party this afternoon.

After I let my tum rest from breakfast, I’m gonna get my gym on. Just a baby workout today!

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