Oh, What Da Hell

I am all kinds of excited about several things today. You probably don’t care at all, but I figured:

I’ll share ’em with you anyway. 🙂

1. I now have my own domain name.

I was reading a post by Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers about the importance of self hosting your blog.

It was a spur of the moment decision – having my own domain name was something I really wanted to do, but didn’t want to spend the 20+ bucks to do it.

Luckily, I decided to give myself a ‘lil haircut last night (don’t worry, just a trim!) instead of getting it cut this weekend.

DIY, bitches.

So because I saved a buck trimming my hair, I shelled out some dough for a domain name.

2. I discovered The Clymb.

No, not the Miley Cyrus song.

But The Clymb. It’s like Rue La La or Ideeli for fitness gear. My dear friend Vicki sent me the link and I immediately made a much needed purchase.

It’s Billabong. I guess that counts as fitness. They also had a periwinkle/pink one which I wanted until I saw that it was covered with FLAMINGOS. I am deathly terrified of flamingos. So…yay, palm trees.

I’m going on a lake vacay next week and I needed a new bathing suit. All mine are too big for me now (yesssssssssssss.)

3. I did a pull up!

After a mediocre spin class tonight, I ventured down into the scary section of the gym: the weights/jungle gym/open area.

There were some girls training for cross fit and doing those swing pull up thingys:

Soo coool.

When I was little younger I could always do tons of pull-ups. I still have the girl’s pull up record at my elementary school – I did 26 pull ups. Don’t forget, I probably weighed like 100 pounds back then. Ha. In middle school and high school I loved the pull up fitness test day because I could always beat the girls (and some of the boys) with 12 or 13 pull ups.

I tried to do a pull up last week and I couldn’t even do one. Embarr.

But then I tried again today. SUCCESS!

For now. It is slightly petrifying that the Tough Mudder is in two months and I can only do one pull up. I got a lot of work to do, folks.

4. “Healthy” chicken nuggets exist.

Need I say more?


Happy Friday!

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