Food Anxiety and WIAW

No, this isn’t the kind of food anxiety you’re thinking of. It’s anxiety about not having enough healthy food in the pantry at all times.

It started last night as I went to prep my overnight oats in the usual fashion. Then I realized:

I was out of organic rolled oats.


Stop the press! Emergency!

Ok, so I didn’t have my overnight oats on a Monday morning for once. At least I have power. I’ll live.

But allllll morning on Monday I was grumpy because I didn’t have my normal breakfast.

The food issues continued as the day went on.

I usually bring my lunch to work, but since I didn’t have a chance to go grocery shopping over the weekend, I was forced to buy my lunch. I went over to the Cafe across the street from work, but they didn’t have power. (Of course my work had power though.)

I didn’t end up eating until 2pm after finally ordering a sandwich from Potbelly. At least I knew I would make it to Whole Foods that evening, and that all would be well on the food front soon enough.

It’s really weird – when I got home from the grocery store that night, and unloaded my goodies, I breathed huge sigh of relief.




Huh? That’s funny I was SO relieved to have healthy food in the house.

I realized that not having a full stock of healthy food in my cabinet makes me anxious.

So then I asked myself: why?

Really, what am I worried about?

I’m lucky enough to be able to buy food when I’m hungry. I don’t need to worry like many people if/when I will be able to acquire my next meal. I know I’m not going to starve.

Am I worried about falling off the clean eating wagon if I don’t have food in the house? Maybe. I can definitely see myself ordering pizza if I don’t feel like going to the grocery store when I’m out of food.

If I order pizza and don’t keep up with my healthy eating habits, I guess I am scared I’ll gain back the weight back that I lost.

So….maybe it is the kind of food anxiety you’re thinking of, if the underlying cause of it is about weight.

And that’s not necessarily what clean eating should be about. It shouldn’t be about obsessing over what you’re eating so much that it causes anxiety.

I need to remember that I control what goes into my body and that if I don’t have groceries, I am not going to magically gain weight. I mean, c’mon, the Giant near me is 24 hours.

Time to take a chill pill and calm the eff down.


So…..I’m not going to post everything I eat for What I Ate Wednesday. It doesn’t matter EXACTLY what I put in my body, as long as the majority of it is healthy and nourishes my body AND my mind.

As a reminder to me about what What I Ate Wednesday is about I’m going to try giving you a sneak peak into the general things I’m eating this week and my awesome din din creation last night rather than a play by play of exactly what I consumed.

My weekend breakfast lately has been a yogurt/fruit/granola combo, since I’m too lazy to make a breakfast involving any type of cooking on Saturday morning.


I’ve taken to buying a new pack of granola, a new yogurt tub, and a new carton of blueberries when I’m halfway done with the first pack/tub/carton. Anxiety alert. Maybe I should start buying new food when I truly run out of old food, like a normal person.

My nuun shipment came in on Friday! Very exciting.


So far I’ve tried the cucumber mint and the goji berry green tea. I’m a little hesitant to try the tangerine ginger flavor because I’m not usually a fan of orange flavors. But I’ll try it, I promise! I drank the goji berry green tea flavor on my treadmill and it wasn’t too flavorful to have on a run.

Tonight’s dinner was an oldie but goodie:


Whole wheat wrap
2 eggs
Cheddar cheese
Chopped red onion
Chopped and sautéed potatoes

And to keep up with this month’s WIAW theme, check out my daily mile page to see my fitness log.

Have a fab fourth! 

Are you weird about HAVING to have food in your house, too?

What are your Fourth of July plans?

10 thoughts on “Food Anxiety and WIAW

  1. I know what you mean. I always worry that if someone else eats part of something I bought like yogurt or flat bread crisp crackers, I won’t have the number I eat each time and will run out unexpectedly. I always buy things before I’m out so I have something in reserve in case I don’t have access to whatever I need to buy straight away. what is nuun?

  2. omg I want your breakfast burrito like right now! I totally hear you about the food anxiety and think it’s a good idea to get perspective like that. I keep a crazy amount of “backstock” around of my favorite healthy foods so I don’t even get close to running out! 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to the food anxiety issue. I just came back from studying abroad in Spain and was freaking out before and during the beginning of my stay over there–no organic products?! No “Whole Foods”-esque type of grocery stores?!
    It’s always nice to know others out there have the same kind of thoughts I do and that all it takes is a little perspective and deep breaths to realize that one day of just “mediocre” eating will not make you gain ten pounds!

  4. I am weird about having food in my house. My family doesn’t eat all that healthy, so when I’m out of food, there are literally NO OPTIONS! Not to mention that I am basically allergic to everything that they eat, I get really cranky when I run out of “my stuff.”

    Your granola looks amazing. I always fawn over other people’s granola, but I myself cannot buy it because it would all be gone in one meal. No. Self. Control.

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