Food, Fireworks, and Fun

Hope everyone enjoyed their day off of work Fourth of July!

Look at this purty thing I took to my family’s BBQ.

Tuna and I were quite proud of ourselves. (He cut the strawberries and skewered half the flag!)

I got the idea from Pinterest.

Yesterday there was many a brewsky and a shit ton of “dirty eating.”

Maybe that’s the reason my new bikini from The Clymb looks like it is squeezing the crap out of my skin. I’m super bummed it’s too small for me. I always seem to do this about online ordering: i.e., get all excited and then the item doesn’t end up fitting me. Typ.

We watched the DC fireworks from my 16th floor balcony with friends – one of my favorite things to do.

I love turning up the WETA showcase of it on the TV so we can hear the slightly delayed music accompaniment to the fireworks.


Da duh da duh da duh dun dun dun.


The other cool thing is that we are so high up we can see ALL of the fireworks in the surrounding towns. It’s like a game to spot a show in the horizon. We can see the Alexandria’s fireworks, National Harbor’s, Bethesda’s, PG County’s, and more.

It’s freakin’ awesome.

Pretty blobs of light.

In other news:

  • I haven’t really had time to workout much this week, but I really need to make it more of a priority – which means long run on Friday after work. Wah.
  • Only one more workday until a four day weekend.
  • And….. because this makes me laugh in a horrifyingly guilty-feeling way…

Did you make any red, white, and blue food yesterday?

Did you get to see some fireworks? I hope you did!

Tell me all the things.

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