Unplanned Rest Day

I tried something new…

French dressing! And – I liked it!

This salad officially wins best salad of the month award:


– “Power greens” (including kale)
– Shredded cheese
– Quinoa
– French dressing

I love the tomato flavor of the dressing – I never knew French dressing was made with tomato paste. I was always just weirded out by the redness of the dressing and assumed it was weird.

This salad reminded me of a wintery tomato soup with melted cheese in the center, but with the summer freshness you need an office lunch to have.



I’m actually quite pissed today because I really was looking forward to a relaxing 5 mile run this evening. I haven’t run since Sunday and it is pissing me off royally.

My week fitness wise so far:
– Sunday: 6 mi treadmill run
– Monday: Arms and Abs workout
– Tuesday: Rest
– Wednesday: Yoga

I wanted it to include

– Thursday: 5 mi run
– Friday: Rest
-Saturday: 7 mi run
– Sunday: abs + something

But my body apparently had other plans. My right knee has been hurting a little on bit on runs lately  from an old wrestling at track practice pole vaulting injury and yesterday my klutzy-ass self smacked my knee cap super hard on the side of my desk at work.

It still felt ok yesterday night, so I did some typ Sunset yoga. When I woke up this morning, I could barely walk on it! I think the yoga must have aggravated it. I hoped it would loosen up throughout the day, but I have been hobbling around and it hurts to straighten my leg all the way.

So, don’t think running is happening today. Wah/boo/hiss.

Hopefully the unplanned rest day will allow my knee to buck up and get better so that I can do some weekend running!

Maybe napping all evening will help too….

Tell me all the things.

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