Weekend Recap: Grr, Aw, and Ew

Really, cable box/DVR? Did you purposefully wait until the Olympics were on until you decided to stop working?

Tuna and I went out for Mexican on Friday evening with my trusty DVR recording the Opening Ceremonies, only to return home, press play, and see the live version of the Queen/James Bond jumping out of the helicopter for approximately 30 seconds before the TV froze.

Needless to say, I was not amused.

Luckily for my cable box’s life, I took out my grumpiness on the treadmill on Saturday and ran 4 miles at Crunch. But lately I’ve been letting my mind get the better of me on treadmill runs. Last week I set out to run 6 miles, and quit at 5. On Saturday, I set out to run 5 miles, and ran 4. Ruh roh.

I can’t keep doing that! It’s bad for my ego self esteem.

Today I shall run 4 miles – and I WILL run 4 miles! No more shortcuts allowed.

After my run I went over to my dad’s to see his new….


I. want. one. now!

What a muffin.

Sorry for all the grainy pictures – this little gal would not stay still long enough to take a good photo!

Dinner Saturday was a partial success. I heated up the last of the frozen shrimp and put it over brown rice (Tuna makes the best brown rice) with some sauteed zucchini. To continue my French dressing discovery week, we added French dressing to the skillet and stirred in the shrimp and zucchini with some pepper.

We also boiled some corn on the cob for a side dish. I thought it would be smart to ignore the fact that the pre-cut corn was sitting in my fridge for two weeks and had begun accumulating nasty grayish powder on the ends.

Once the corn was cooked, the core turned kind of red/brown color. I took a bite and thought it was alright, but Tuna said “Ummm. I don’t think we should eat this corn.”


On Sunday afternoon I stopped by my mom’s house and was pleasantly surprised to find this whole wheat pasta salad waiting for me. I’ll have to get the recipe from her soon to share.

I hope you’re getting excited for a cookie filled What I Ate Wednesday!

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies? What was your favorite part? (I’ve been looking up clips on youtube.)

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me all the things.

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