The Best Run

Yesterday I ran for the first time since Tough Mudder! Since I’ve been sick and itchy, I’ve taken it easy for a week and a half to fully recover.

Though I’m starting to miss my gym a little bit, I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having lately and run on my favorite paved trail after work.

The last time I ran outside was heinous, and I was a little scared that I would be really out of shape, especially with taking a week or so off after Tough Mudder. I set out to do an easy 3 or 4 miles without my watch, just to get back in the running groove a bit.

The run was glorious.

Hi deer!

I missed running! Even though I basically cursed it’s existence throughout the Tough Mudder, it was refreshing to trot along an treat my body to a calm run.

It was the first time I ever ran outside with my Merrell sneaks! They felt amazing outside – light and free, almost like I was running in my socks! So far these shoes have been an awesome purchase.

Since I ran on the treadmill at Crunch all summer, I completely forgot how much better running is outside. It’s much more therapeutic and it was so nice to just be by myself for a little awhile and daydream while I ran. The crisp, clean air smelled like fresh cut grass. Mmmm.

The end of my little jaunt was the best.

Once I rounded the last corner, I bumped into the beautiful September sunset!

Sorry treadmill, I think I’m going to have to break up with you until winter.

Do you usually run outside or on the treadmill?

Have you ever seen deer or other animals on a run?