What is früsh?

früsh is a blend of real fruit and yogurt that offers 9 grams of protein per serving, plus fiber, calcium, and probiotics. Actually, one serving of früsh has 50% of your daily value of calcium. And all runners know how important is is to give your bones lots of calcium. No stress fractures for me, please!

This brand-new product is all-natural and is especially convenient for health conscious people on the go.

When I was approached to host a früsh Tasting Party, I jumped at the chance!

I knew my a cappella group, The Noctonals, would be great früsh taste testers  – we certainly never have trouble voicing our opinions!

A special thank you to the super-talented Patrick Carlson at The Carlson Chronicles for being my fabulous früsh photographer.

There are four flavors of früsh:

  • strawberry
  • strawberry banana
  • blueberry
  • peach

Everyone had a grand ‘ol time früsh sampling.

Cheers to Richard’s favorite flavor – peach!

Our tasting party began to get silly as the night progressed…

with Ali’s früsh mustache

and Jessica trying to get every last drop of her früsh from her cup.

What I really like about früsh is its texture. Some smoothie products are way too watery, and aren’t thick and full flavored, like früsh is. I like that früsh really fills you up like a fresh-made just-blended smoothie would.

Chris was concentrating very hard/seriously contemplating what his favorite flavor of früsh was.

We were split over our favorite flavors (mine was strawberry banana!) Each of the flavors had a few votes for being the favorite.

Also, we just liked saying früüüüüüsh. It’s fun to say.

früsh currently can be found across the East Coast, and is available in the dairy section. Click here to find some früsh near you!

Want an awesome coupon for früsh? Don’t mind if I do.

I was not monetarily compensated for this product review. All opinions are my own.