Souls, Hearts, and Heaven

What an awesome weekend.

Though my healthiness level dropped a shit ton, it was totally worth every sip of wine and bite of cake. This weekend was healthy for my soul.

Sorry for the cheesy mention of my soul. I think I’ve been watching too much Long Island Medium. I discovered this show on Sunday and cared to spend my entire Monday night watching every episode and sobbing. Not a good look.

The wedding I went to this weekend took place at Prospect Hill, a bed and breakfast on an old plantation in Central Virginia.

The whole inn had a really antique-y feel to it and the trees/rolling fields were gorgeous. It looked like something out of The Notebook. My bridesmaid BFF (Strobes) and I stayed in the Overton Room.

I am a terrible blogger and forgot to take pictures of everything – alright, I forgot to take pictures of anything. I was busy having too much fun!

On Friday night after the rehearsal dinner, we went into Charlottesville and hung out at all of our old stompin’ grounds, including my favorite place in the world at 2:30am: Christian’s Pizza.

I used to have mad skills at getting free pizza.

Please help me decide: is it sad or amazing that all of the staff at the late night pizza joint remember me by name and give me hugs two years after graduating?

I go back and forth.

For breakfast all weekend we had Bodos galore, Southern grits with cheese, and homemade waffles with cranberries and walnuts. Typing this is making me hungry.

I promise to have more pictures eventually of the wedding once I force other wedding-goers to share theirs with me!

The bride was beautiful, the reception was full of shenanigans, and my heart is full of love!

OK, seriously…no more Long Island Medium for me.