It Really is a Joke

This morning I was quite proud of myself because I woke up for The Dreaded Morning Run.

And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. It was pretty much just like running at night – who would’ve thought? 😉  It only took a few minutes of running to get warmed up from the chilly November morning.

It really is a joke how I can’t wake up early for things – I even woke up late for graduation! My family knows it, too. I think they were just as curious as I was to see if I would really wake up.

Tuna’s text:

Yes, I did get up, surprisingly. I think I’m 1/47 this year.

My Mom sent me a link to this article in Shape Magazine:

I think for this to work repeatedly for me I would have to go to bed at about 5:30 pm. So, right when I get home from work. Perf.

My Nana, who I probably get my night-owlness from, e-mailed me, “Reminded me of when I used to run in the mornings (really!). Did 2 miles most mornings, 3 or 5 on Saturdays. I laid out my clothes and shoes the night before, set an alarm, threw on the clothes…..and one morning, I swear, I WOKE up about a block from my house (down near the pool on Forest and Roberts) and wondered how I got there. Even looked down to see if I’d tied my shoes!”

Do you have any early morning running stories? 

If you run in the morning, what time do you usually go to bed the night before?