5-Minute Ab Blast

Last run before the Rockville 10K complete!

I did a teensy two miler on the treadmill last night at Crunch. Everything feels just fine, and after my five and a half mile run outside last Friday, I feel pretty confident about the race. Confident = I can finish, not that I will be speedy. I’m going to run nice and slow and have fun.

(source) Please don’t judge me for watching this crap. I only had so many trashy shows to entertain myself with during the hurricane.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the speedy adrenaline of races (like I know, I’ve run one slash kind-of two races) and get caught in the rush of pounding Nikes.

As long as I run just for me on Sunday, I think everything will be OK.

After my last run yesterday, I ended my workout with some lengthy [hurts so good] foam rolling. While I was daydreaming foam rolling, I realized Tuna and I leave for Brazil in three weeks!

Sick, bro.

So about those abs I was going to get before the trip? Cue scrambling onto the mat and frantically doing crunches.

I’m going to try to do this lil’ ab workout twice a week. Hey, at least it’s a start.

What are…Crunches?

I’m definitely getting my hair cut like this.

What are…Mid Raise Crunches?

What are…Leg Up Crunches?

What are…Toe Touch Crunches?

I could not decide what to have for dinner last night after the gym. I kind of wanted everything. And everything, I did have.

Carrots, spicy hummus, wheat thins, cheddar cheese, and not quite guacamole avocado mash. With a glass of red wine on the side. 😉

TGIFF. Is it me, or did we smush five days of work into three? This calls for some couch surfing.

Are you running a race this weekend?

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