Thanksgiving in Rio

Though they obviously don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil, it sure was fun for us to celebrate Thanksgiving in Rio!

We ate a small breakfast as not to spoil our late afternoon Thanksgiving feast. Isn’t Brazilian granola cool looking?

It tastes good too. But the milk – let’s just say I was happy to get back to American milk. 🙂

I think spending Thanksgiving on the beach should be a new tradition. Tuna, his dad, and I spend the day at the beach in Leblon while his awesome mom slaved away in the kitchen (with no air conditioning). Tuna’s mom had a serious task ahead of her – having to make a turkey, pie, etc all in a stove that heated to ranges of temperatures instead of a specific temperature. Oh yeah, and all of those temperatures were in Celsius. At least we helped set the table!

She did a fabulous job on the meal though, and dinner was not only gorgeous, but delish too.

The stuffing and mashed potatoes were my favorite, per usual. This year I tried gravy for the first time – and I liked it!

Here comes another first for me: eating pecan pie! I usually have pumpkin pie and have always been scared to try other kinds of pie for some reason. Tuna’s mom said she had the hardest time finding the pecans for the pecan pie – she actually had to buy them in a different Brazilian state!

After dinner, I promptly declared I was going to take a fifteen minute nap. Tuna woke me up three hours later.

What can I say? It was a good meal.

Have you ever been in another country while celebrating a holiday? Like Thanksgiving or 4th of July (for Americans)?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Tell me all the things.

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