Friday’s Five

1) An awesome birthday present from Tuna.

Can you figure out what this is? I had the hardest time – it took me a little while…

presentfromtuna2) Proclaiming that next week will be the official start of eating clean again.

No excuses.

fuel1.jpg3) Loving the cold spring weather while everyone else is hating it.

Yes, that probably sounds annoying, but my allergies are quite thrilled with this whole no pollen thing.

weatherpollen24) Realizing that I can make salad without lettuce.

Dinner last night: delish. I had to use up all my produce because I’m going out of town this weekend.

lettucelesssalad5) Packing for a weekend trip to visit my mom in Durham!

It’ll be my first train ride. 🙂

What are your weekend plans?

Are you doing anything special for Easter?

Tell me all the things.

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