Watt’s Grocery

It seems that all of the places to eat in Durham end in “market” or “grocery.”

Maybe that’s a hint to how local and self-produced all of the food is – referencing the small distance between the farm and the table. I’m cool with that.

wattsgrocery8I liked that they show all of the farms that the food comes from on their menus.

wattsgrocery4My mom’s bf got the sazerack. I tried it and was not a fan.

wattsgrocery3I was, however, a fan of the pomegranate margarita – both my mom and I ordered one. I liked the little seeds peeking through the ice!

wattsgrocery7We split the Farmer’s Cheese Hushpuppies for an app.

wattsgrocery21. It came with basil mayo that was insane.

2. The hushpuppies had jalapeƱos. I approve.

Can you guess which one I picked?

wattsgrocery6Yup, the pan roasted chicken. My mom had a bite and said, “that is the best chicken ever.” There’s those pecans again!

I’m adding sauteed mustard greens to my tried and I didn’t like, no thanks list.

If you’re ever in Durham, Watt’s Grocery is definitely a place you need to try.